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Urban Fantasy Writing Prompts

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Searching for urban fantasy writing prompts? You found them! Skyscrapers, mass transit, hot night clubs, and the magical world combine.

urban fantasy writing prompts

What is urban fantasy?

Urban fantasy is a rapidly growing subgenre with stories set in, you got it, big cities! Urban fantasy blends the magical world with the non-magical world. Here are some big name urban fantasy novels for inspiration: City of Bones, Moon Called, and Magic Bites.

Getting Started

Writing prompts are a great way to brainstorm new story ideas. Just sit down, read through these, and let your pencil fly! Start a new story today.

Give these urban fantasy story prompts a shot! When you're done, be sure to share your ideas and short fiction in the comments below. Our welcoming, friendly community would love to read them!

Urban Fantasy Writing Prompt #1

Do Not Walk These Dark Streets

The city is teeming with a coven of dark vampires who rules the night. It is no longer safe for citizens to leave their homes after sunset. A visitor takes a midnight stroll.

Urban Fantasy Writing Prompt #2

Don't Jump

On the edge of a skyscraper, a man stands still. The wind blows a tendril of hair in his face.

“Don’t jump.” EMS calls out from several paces away. “Stay right where you are.”

The man winks and lets himself fall backward over the building.

Urban Fantasy Writing Prompt #3

Three Things

Write a story that includes these three things: a dirty night club, a strobing light, and a grimoire.

Urban Fantasy Writing Prompt #4

An Inconvenience at the Convenience Store

When the millionth evil deed has been committed, the gods will return to seek their vengeance. You just stole a pack of gum from your local convenience store.

Urban Fantasy Writing Prompt #5

A Dragon in the City

Dragons are forged of fire and long forgotten in the age of skyscrapers and hedge fund dreams. Until a small kitchen fire collides with what Jack thought was a paperweight. Can he hide a dragon in New York City?

Looking for more fantasy story prompts?

If you enjoyed these urban story prompts, try 365 Awesome Story Prompts! You'll find 50+ more fantasy prompts, setting and character inspiration lists, and tips for getting unstuck. If you prefer a print version with space to jot ideas and flash fiction, try 365 Awesome Story Prompts: Journal Edition.

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