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5 Dark Fantasy Writing Prompts

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Dark fantasy is a rapidly growing subgenre that has captured the imagination of many writers, new and old. It combines the escapist appeal of traditional fantasy and pairs it with darker themes and horror elements. If that sounds like your sort of thing, get started with the dark fantasy writing prompts below!

There is no wrong way to use writing prompts! However, I suggest selecting your favorite and sitting down to free write for fifteen minutes.

What ideas do these visual creative writing prompts spark? Share your ideas and short fiction with our friendly, welcoming community in the comments below.

Dark Fantasy Writing Prompts

Dark Fantasy Writing Prompt #1

The Hunter

Dark Fantasy Story Ideas - Dark Hooded Figure Perfect for Grimdark

Photo By: Harrison Haines

Design Your Own:

What ideas does this photo prompt?


Try This:

It takes a black heart and a steady hand to slay the things that go bump in the night. The challenge is not becoming worse than the monsters you destroy.

Dark Fantasy Writing Prompt #2

Will you follow me on this dark path?

Dark Fantasy Prompt - Creepy Lantern in Dark Forest

Photo by: Emre Kuzu

Design Your Own Prompt:

What ideas does this visual creative writing prompt spark?


Try This:

A hand with blackened nails and cracking skin reached out from the shadows. "Follow me," the apparition hissed.

Dark Fantasy Writing Prompt #3


Grimdark Fantasy Writing Prompts - Cloaked Figure

Design Your Own Prompt:

What ideas does this photo prompt?


Try This:

"When black rain falls from a dark night sky, the curse will be awakened. Its devastation will reign for a thousand years. Are you ready, sister?"

Dark Fantasy Writing Prompt #4

Black Heart

Dark Fantasy Prompt - Black Witch

Photo by: Danielle Reese

Design Your Own Prompt:

What ideas does this photo prompt?


Try This:

Despite all I have been through, all I have done, I still fear his name.

Dark Fantasy Writing Prompt #5


Dark Fantasy Writing Prompts - Silent Fae

Photo by: Isabella Mariana

Design Your Own Prompt:

What ideas does this photo prompt?


Try This:

When the Faerie Queen demands silence, it falls. No matter the cost.

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