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Hello, fantasy romance fans! Only three days left! Enemies Ever After is ending soon on Kickstarter. Don't miss out on these gorgeous hardcover editions and early release ebooks! Scroll to see all the fabulous stretch rewards we've unlocked together and our new-add ons.

If you love…

💖 fantasy romance

👑 fairy tale retellings

🗡️ enemies to lovers

🌶️ a touch of steam


This is the series for you! Enemies Ever After is a collection of ten standalone short novels featuring enemies-to-lovers fairy tale retellings.


Check out all of these luxe features:

Already a backer? Thank you so much for making this campaign a fairy tale! Here are all of the stretch rewards we've unlocked together.

Don't miss out on these juicy new add-ons! Vellum overlays of the men. And if you missed our early backer perks, you can now snag them in our digital bonus bundle.

Last but not least, there are only two Genie's Lamp tier spots left. If you back this, one of our books will be DEDICATED TO YOU and a personalized letter from a character! How cool is that!

What are you waiting for?

Exciting news! My new Kickstarter campaign launched this week. For the first-time ever, the Shadows & Starlight series is getting beautiful hardcover editions, and you can order them right now! Campaign ends on November 19th.

The Shadows & Starlight series is a ✨ complete YA series ✨, and all FOUR books are available on Kickstarter right now!! This is the perfect read for when you're ready to curl up and stay awhile. Travel across the stars to a glittering, dangerous world with Ana-- a waitress, orphan, and unexpected heir to a crown. Together, we can win crowns and worlds, but it won't be easy. 👑

A great read for fans of The Hunger Games, Selection, and Cinder. 💜👑🌌

"Although I didn't intend to read this in one sitting, it definitely happened.... Definitely worthy of 5 🌟 for the finale!" - Leah, Amazon Reviewer

Everyone who supports the campaign will receive a signed edition and their name in the acknowledgements! I hope to see you there :)

I went back and forth on whether to share this with all of you. I wasn't sure you'd be interested, and I wanted to keep our Kickstarter updates full of bookish delight! But then I thought, Kickstarter backers are so close to the publishing process. You are truly our modern day patrons of the arts. So, I decided to post here. The best of both worlds... hopefully?!

To my surprise, I've had a bit of difficulty with printers during this Kickstarter fulfillment. I've always gone through Amazon and exclusively done paperbacks. The process has been fast and easy. Customer service is available 24/7 by phone or email. However, for this project, I needed to stretch my wings. Amazon does not offer hardcovers with dust jackets (😱 the horror!).

So, I started off with Ingram, the largest book distributor in the world. 🥇 Unlike Amazon, Ingram has historically charged a title upload fee plus revision fee. That was perfectly okay for this project. So, I went to merrily upload our anthology files. Only to find my account had been locked for a silly reason. I contacted Ingram by email (the only option). Two weeks passed with no reply. (It's a well known fact that Ingram's customer service is understaffed.)

During that time, I heard about a new printer on the block, Book Vault. Other Kickstarter authors were very interested, and Book Vault was actively courting independent publishers and authors. I decided to give them a try. I contacted their support and received an immediate response. I was in love!!

Then our proof of Ink & Incantation arrived. Despite coming from the UK, it arrived quickly. See first proof below. (I'm so in love with these illustrations.)

Our first print proof from Book Vault UK.

Then the downside hit. Book Vault is located in the UK. For a single proof, there are many shipping options available, and the cost/timing wasn't bad! However, for large orders like ours, the only shipping offered is FedEx. The cost skyrocketed! So, I was back to Ingram with my tail between my legs.

However, once again, our beautiful volume got caught in Ingram's customer service hell. While I waited, I learned numerous author were having difficulty with Ingram's personalizations. I heard from several authors I know that Ingram was mixing up their backer's books. Imagine getting a beautiful custom book with the inscription made out to someone else! My author friends were embarrassed and frustrated. (Backers were super kind and forgiving as issues were sorted out. You all really do rock.)

Then more news broke! Yesterday (July 6th), Book Vault opened their US printing location. Unfortunately, they do not yet offer hardcovers with dust jackets. So, a lot of Kickstarter projects are out... for now.

Meanwhile, Book Vault sent out a survey to authors. They are considering offering luxe options, like slipcases for boxsets, foiling for dust jackets, endpapers, ribbons, and sprayed edges. They were on the table! The excitement in the community was huge. Currently, these sorts of extras are only possible by ordering in bulk from China. Only the tippy top, upper echelon of bookish Kickstarter campaigns could afford to take the gamble (like Brandon Sanderson, all hail the King!).

And now, you're all caught up! While it has been a bit of a whirlwind, I think all of this is going to create wonderful change in the printing industry. We're seeing it already. Ingram has dropped their title upload fee and now offers free revisions for the first 60 days.

To sum up, there's a lot going on in the printing industry right now. It will have a quiet effect on Kickstarter projects. I think it's all headed in a wonderful direction though!

If anyone is still awake and found this industry stuff interesting, please let me know in the comments of our Kickstarter update!

Thank you for your support, and I'm so looking forward to shipping your beautiful books very soon!


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