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Medieval Fantasy Writing Prompts

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Looking for medieval fantasy writing prompts? Look no further! Here be dragons, maidens, kings, knights, and daring sword play. Don your armor and quill, and let's proceed!

What is medieval fantasy?

Medieval fantasy is a well-known subgenre with stories set in the Middle Ages, between the 5th and late 15th century. Common elements include monarchies, the feudal system, dragons, a lack of modern technology, etc.

A few medieval fantasy stories you might be familiar with include: A Game of Thrones, The Mists of Avalon, and The Princess Bride. You might have noticed medieval fantasy has some serious overlap with the Arthurian and high fantasy subgenres.

Getting Started

Writing prompts are a great way to generate story ideas. Simply set a timer for fifteen minutes and get started! You can use them as a part of a daily writing routine or to help you when you get stuck.

So, what ideas do these medieval fantasy story prompts spark? Share your ideas and short fiction in the comments below.

Medieval Fantasy Writing Prompt #1

Preparing for Battle

Medieval Plot Ideas - Knight in Armor

It was said that the knight's armor had been forged of an impenetrable metal and cursed by the whispers of his slain foes. None dared approach him, and the towns fell one by one.

Medieval Fantasy Writing Prompt #2


Medieval Plot Ideas - Young Woman Knight of Horseback

A farmhand's daughter defies all societal norms to pursue the man who killed her brother. She rides out at first light, following just a half day behind the king's knights. When she happens upon a rider who has fallen behind, she quickly dons her helmet to hide her identity.

Medieval Fantasy Writing Prompt #3


Medieval Plot Ideas - Ruins Mystical

The long forgotten ruins of L'Ethoroxi were rumored to have a fountain of such pure water that it was said the heavens themselves had bestowed them as a gift. The king hoped it was so. For someone very important was ill.

Medieval Fantasy Writing Prompt #4

The Lady in the Lake

Medieval Fantasy Writing Prompts - Woman by Lake Arthurian

She waited in her long white gown in stillness. It had been over a century since she and her love parted. His dying words were that they would meet again by the lakeside. She returned faithfully every year.

Medieval Fantasy Writing Prompt #5

The Sword

Medieval Fantasy Writing Prompts - Sword

"This sword is to be yours, son."

The boy reached out an eager hand

His father smiled. "Once you earn it."

Looking for more fantasy story ideas?

If you enjoyed these medieval story prompts, try 365 Awesome Story Prompts! You'll find 50+ more fantasy prompts, setting and character inspiration lists, and tips for getting unstuck. If you prefer a print version with space to jot ideas and flash fiction, try 365 Awesome Story Prompts: Journal Edition.

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