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Quotes & Inspiration

Looking for fantasy story ideas? You've come to the right place. This page is updated weekly! So, bookmark or pin this page, and be sure to check back often :)


All of the major subgenres are represented here-- urban, medieval, epic, dark, fairy tale, and more. Grab your quill and maybe a sword, and jump right in! 

How can writing prompts help me?

Writing prompts are a great tool for writers. Here are a few ways they can benefit you.

  • Writing prompts can help you develop a daily writing habit. Many people wake every morning at the same time of day, no matter whether they set an alarm or not. This is the power of habit (and the circadian rhythm). Some of the most successful writers out there have strict writing routines. By writing every day, you too can develop a writing habit. But what about the days when words don't come easily? These are great times to read a few writing prompts.

  • Writing prompts can help you sharpen your skills. Most writers find certain components come naturally. Maybe you're great at grammar. Maybe your prose sings. Maybe your dialogue is witty. But there are probably other parts that don't come naturally. Story prompts are a great way to practice these skills. For instance, if you struggle with dialogue, start with a dialogue prompt every day and work until you see improvement. 

  • Writing prompts can help when you feel stuck. Maybe, you already have a habit. Maybe, you already have a story, or even a novel in play. We all get stuck. Sometimes, just putting words on the paper (or screen) can help.

  • Finally, it's important to have fun! I don't know about you, but I enjoy getting fresh, new fantasy ideas and playing with them on paper. It's important to like what you do.

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