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Visual Writing Prompts

Visual creative writing prompts differ from standard writing prompts. Standard writing prompts give you a short idea (What would life be like without cars?) or even a theme (forgiveness). Visual creative writing prompts give you an image. After all, they say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Most of the visual creative writing prompts below include both a standard prompt AND a visual. So, you can decide. Does the picture give you a story idea? If not, you can use the written one given.

Be sure to bookmark or pin this page as new prompts are added often :)

How to Get Started with Visual Writing Prompts:

The only right way to use visual creative writing prompts is the way that works best for you. That said, here are a few tips.


1. Set aside dedicated time for writing. For many writers, it is helpful to choose the same time every day. Depending on your schedule, this may be 15 minutes or 2 hours.

2. Select a photo that speaks to you. Often, as I scroll through photo prompts, I see ones that make me think "sweet romance" or "evil guy" right off the bat. For me, it's often the ones that I do a double take on that produce the best stories. The ones I stare at and think "what exactly is this?" For other writers, it may be the visual writing prompt that reminds them of something from their own lives.

3. Block out distractions. Turn your phone on silent and (if you can) close your door.

Now, you're ready to write! I can't wait to see what you create!

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