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Fantasy Writing Prompts

Sword & Pen

Ready your sword and pen!

Today, we will defeat writer's block with 200+ fantasy story prompts! Huzzah!

Daring princesses, conflicted warriors, lonely conjurers, and greedy dragons await you in this tome. These fantasy prompts range from lighthearted to grimdark. You'll find the most popular subgenres all represented here-- epic fantasy, dark fantasy, sword and sorcery, and more. Also included are lists of magical creatures and settings.

Inside you'll find prompts like...

• It was an ordinary board meeting until someone drew a pentagram in the center of the table.

• Write a story that includes these three things: a skeleton key, a bar maiden, and a map.

• His blow caught me off balance, and the next thing I knew I was on my back with his sword at my throat.

"Any last words?" he asked.

• Every night, you hear the call of a train whistle in the distance. The only thing is… you don't live near train tracks.

• A mermaid's kiss enables a human soldier to breathe underwater.

Designed as a journal edition. That means each prompt has been given its own page, leaving you room to jot notes and brainstorm below.

What Are Readers Saying:

"Many people ask authors where they get their ideas. Many authors jealousy guard their ideas in case someone pinches them. Evelina lets fly with 200 ideas to get a story started." - GoodReads Reviewer

"As a writer myself and an editor for others, I love books of story prompts. This fun one features fantasy prompts, from standard sword-and-sorcery to Victorian steampunk....As they should be, the prompts are short but can certainly be a gateway to imaginative writing. So many could lead to fascinating, creative tales. If you write a fantasy or have ever thought to do so, you might find this book of fantasy story prompts fires your imagination, helping you with your creative endeavors." - Amazon Top 50 Reviewer

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