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The First in the Coffeehouse Magic Series

The Matchmaker & the Coven

5 Stars on Amazon
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Check out the blurb for The Matchmaker & the Coven below! 

Hundreds of realms converge in the Boundary. A place where magic and adventure flourish.

Teenage witch Mailey loves her job as a barista at the oldest coffeehouse in the Boundary. She serves every cup of coffee with a side of well-intentioned meddling. She just can't resist getting involved in her customer's personal lives!


When a water nymph is feeling down after a bad breakup, she is determined to set her up with her human classmate. Unfortunately, Mailey isn't the only one interested in this human. He's also attracted the attention of a nasty coven of witches.

All Mailey has to do is set up this unlikely couple and outsmart an entire coven. What could go wrong?

A YA Fantasy Novelette

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What are readers saying?

“This [The Matchmaker & the Coven] was a fun short story, full of witty, adventurous, open-minded teens. Can't wait to read more!”

– Amazon Reviewer

“The main character's antics kept me engaged throughout and loved the concept of the boundary where the magical and nonmagical lived side by side.”

– Amazon Reviewer


“The coven was hilarious. They seemed frightening at first, but after the took Mailey's potion, so funny!”

– Amazon Reviewer

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