Say goodbye to writer's block with 365 Awesome Story Prompts!


Great for teens and adults. Genres include fantasy, science fiction, horror, mystery, romance, historical fiction, and more. Bonus setting and character inspiration lists included. The first in the Just Write It! series.

Inside you'll find prompts like…

Science Fiction
A prisoner of war picks up an old radio broadcast. He falls asleep and wakes up in a different time.

Write a story that includes these three things.
A football star. Lasagna. A homemade ornament.

A black cat saves your life. Now, you owe it yours.

On an abandoned farm, all the tools hanging up are dull and corroded with the exception of one shiny knife.

Historical Fiction
A well-to-do young lady falls in love with a bootlegger during prohibition. She rapidly becomes involved in his dangerous operation.

365 Awesome Story Prompts