My New & Improved Editing System

I've been MIA for a little bit but #allgoodthings! I am waist deep in editing my middle-grade novel, and it's going really well so far! I'm trying a new editing technique that seems to be working for me.

First, I read through the entire novel as fast as I can. I pause at the end of each chapter to make notes in a separate document on plot issues, inconsistencies, and mood. Absolutely no inline edits allowed. No notes on specific lines that don't "sound right."

Then, I go back and edit each chapter based on my read-through notes ONLY. I don't reread the chapter again. I don't obsess over language or spell check or search for the perfect word. I make my major changes and move on.

Perfecting the language will come with subsequent read-throughs. So far, I am up to Chapter 8 - Huzzah!

I'll leave you with a wise thought on editing and writing from Franz Kafka.

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