March Writing Challenge + Writing Prompts

Challenge yourself this March with these short writing prompts! One for each day of the month. Use them as inspiration to write every day. If you complete the March Writing Challenge, let us know! We'll add you to the "Hall of Fame" in next month's post.

March Writing Challenge

Use these monthly writing prompts, and write every day in March!

  1. Bloom

  2. Impulse Buy

  3. Water

  4. Fake Tears

  5. Empty Streets

  6. A Kind Lie

  7. Secrets

  8. Enduring

  9. Sight

  10. Forgiveness

  11. A Key

  12. Jealousy

  13. Abandoned Building

  14. Extraordinary Hearing

  15. Invisibility

  16. Golden Fields

  17. A Psychic

  18. Underground

  19. Surprise!

  20. Golden Retriever

  21. Mud puddle

  22. Good Intentions

  23. A Daring Escape

  24. Hatred

  25. Lottery Ticket

  26. An Open Door

  27. Unexpected Visitor

  28. Coffee

  29. Endless Rain

  30. Excavation

  31. Strangers

Let us know how it goes! If you complete all 31 days, tell us in the comments below, and we'll add you to the "Hall of Fame" in next month's post. Plus, you'll inspire other writers to keep at it :)

If you're looking for more writing inspiration or more detailed writing prompts, check out 365 Awesome Story Prompts. Available on Amazon in ebook, consolidated print, and journal editions.

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