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Are you a fan of...
🗡️ Enemies to lovers romance 
🏰 Fairy tale retellings
🖤 Brooding fae suitors
🕯️ Magical candles and flame
💕 Happily ever afters
💪 Choosing your own destiny

Kissed by Frost & Candlelight

Coming in 2024

The streets of London are cold, but so are the frosted forests of the fae.

Elsie dreams of selling her beautiful, hand-carved candles in the shop windows of her family's bakery. But when her aging father, a miserable alcoholic, discovers her ambition, he throws her out in the cold.


On the unforgiving, icy streets of London, Elsie tries to sell her candles. But as it grows dark and snow begins to fall, she knows she will soon freeze to death.


When she collapses in the street, a black, horse-drawn carriage hits her. She looks up into the tall and foreboding countenance of a fae general. To her surprise, he scoops her up and carries her home.


It turns out Elsie's candles hold a magic of their own-- one the fae general needs. Can these two adversaries become allies? Can Elsie find warmth in the frosted forests of the fae?


Until the Frost Melts is a standalone fantasy romance retelling of the Little Match Girl and the Nutcracker.

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