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The first in a brand new YA series.

Seven Crowns

4.8 Stars on Amazon

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Check out the blurb for Seven Crowns below!

One year after the death of her mom, sixteen-year-old Anabella Halt is living on her own and breaking all the rules. Life is tough but ordinary. Until Ana learns her mom's dangerous secret—she was the heir to a fallen dynasty on a world ruled by seven families. Her family was murdered one by one. Now, assassins are closing in, and Ana could be next.

With the help of a handsome stranger, Ana escapes to the place where it all began—a starflung world where magic and technology coexist. A place where Ana must navigate a tangled web of friends and foes to unmask her would-be assassin before it's too late.

Travel to a glittering, dangerous world with political alliances and ballgowns, perfect for fans of Cinder and The Hunger Games.

Seven Crowns by E.V. Everest book cover

What are readers saying?

“This novel is filled with hardship, love, and mystery. I was definitely kept on my toes and was delighted to join Ana alongside her journey.”

– Fantastically Bookish, Book Blogger

“This book hit all the young adult/teen boxes for me! Strong empowered young woman, tough childhood but makes her stronger, love interest but that's not the story, she has to save something important to the family she didn't know she had, there's an elite royal school for the gifted (ok that's just cool!), leaves you in a resolved place but wanting to read more and know more about this world!”

– RadusReads, Book Blogger

“I truly enjoyed Seven Crowns, and it drew me in from the beginning.”

–Em Reads, Book Blogger

"Seven Crowns was a mix of science fiction, magical academy (which is my new obsession this last year), YA growing up, court intrigue and politics, romance (with a maybe triangle), the new animals and plants vibe of Fantastic Beasts and just a hint of Hunger Games. There were so many different things going on in this book but they blended perfectly..."

– VINE Voice Reviewer

"It’s fast-pace, engaging characters and snappy dialogue make it an addictive read and one of the highlights was how Ana, the lead character was written far better than a lot of others in the genre."

– GoodReads Reviewer

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