An unclaimed crown. Six deadly rivals. A world she never knew existed.

Sixteen-year-old Ana is a waitress, foster kid, and liar. She might also be the sole heir to a crown on another planet. A crown she never asked for or even wanted.


One year after her mom's death, Ana discovers her mom's biggest secret-- she was a political refugee from a planet called Bellaton. Ana's family was one of seven that ruled before they were picked off one by one.


Now, with assassins closing in, Ana could be next. With the help of a dazzling array of friends and enemies, Ana must discover the magical "gift" that runs in her family… or risk being labeled an imposter.


In this world of breathtaking beauty, charm, and magic, will Ana be able to tell friend from foe, reveal her would-be assassin, and take the crown?


Travel to a glittering, dangerous world with political alliances and ballgowns, perfect for fans of Red Queen and The Selection.

Beta/ARC Readers

What is a Beta Reader?

A beta reader is an early reader who gives comments on an unfinished manuscript. Beta readers are just ordinary people who love to read. A good beta reader will enjoy reading in the same genre as the manuscript and be prepared to give honest feedback. After reading, betas will have several questions to answer for the author. All beta readers will receive a free e-copy of the completed novel and a thank you in the acknowledgements. 

What is an ARC Reader?

An ARC (advanced reader copy) reader is someone who receives a free copy of the finished novel, prior to the official launch date. ARC readers work with the author to help create a buzz before the novel is published, through social media shares, blogging, or online reviews.

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