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Evelina: Hi E.A.! It's a pleasure to have you here with us today! Why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself.

E.A. Burnett Author of Silverglen Interview

E.A.: I am a YA/NA epic fantasy author, and I love writing and reading books with strong female characters who struggle with identity.

Evelina: Sounds perfect for teen readers. Why YA?

E.A.: I don’t think it was a very conscious choice for me. I started writing as a young teen, so everything I have written has been YA, and most of what I read is also YA. I love the typical YA conflicts, which usually center around identity and romance. These are such compelling conflicts to write and read, so that is what I’m drawn toward when brainstorming characters and plots.

Evelina: If you had to choose, which do you lean toward: A) strong characters B) mind-blowing plot twists or C) epic worldbuilding?

E.A.: Although all of these parts are great to have, if I had to choose one it would be strong characters. They are what drive the story (because we wouldn’t be too invested reading a story with very flat or boring characters), and I can use characters to create plot twists and reveal epic worldbuilding through their eyes!

Evelina: Hahaha. I love that answer. You stealthily worked them all in there! 😂 Do you have any writing rituals? Do you listen to music, sit at the kitchen table, summon the powers of darkness, etc?

E.A.: As a mother with two very young children, I’ve lost most of my former “rituals” around writing. I used to write at a specific time every day, which was great for developing writing as a habit. Now that my time is MUCH more limited, I find I can drop into writing whenever I have time for it (although the end of the day is a bit tougher, since I’m usually exhausted!). I used to have an office, which is now a nursery, so I currently sit at my writing desk in my bedroom. I think the biggest thing for me though is just having quiet or white noise to focus (so complete quiet or coffeeshop noise… Focusing with a toddler and baby awake in the house is definitely impossible.). In the summertime, I do love taking my laptop out in the backyard, where I am serenaded by birdsong and the whisper of wind through the white pines right behind my house. At least for me, it seems that the longer I write, the more flexible I am with where and when I am able to write. I’m able to drop into writing and the creative flow more quickly than I was a few years ago.

Evelina: That's great. I think establishing a writing habit is one of the trickiest things to master as a new writer. It sounds like you're moving around a good bit these days, do you have a preference between old school (pen and paper) and high-tech (laptop, phone)?

E.A.: I use both methods at the moment. I usually have a composition notebook that I work out of during the brainstorming phase. The outlining and actual writing I do on my writing software, only taking a few more notes or jotting scene ideas in my notebook. Sometimes I’ll doodle settings or character appearances as well in the notebook to help inspire me while I write.

Evelina: If you could have a cover by any artist, living or dead, who would it be?

E.A.: Well, I ADORED the art for the cover of Silverglen (illustrated by Leesha Hannigan), so I would definitely go with her if I had the money to. Otherwise, I’ve always loved Michael Whelan, who has done some fantastic covers for DAW (actually, pretty much any of the artists who have done DAW epic fantasy covers because they are always so stunning)! I’m such a visual person and ALWAYS judge a book by its cover haha, so this is really important for me. I love looking at new artists’ work, especially if it’s something illustrated (as opposed to graphic design).

Evelina: Out of all your characters, which is your favorite?

E.A.: I’ve had a lot of fun writing most of my characters. I think my favorite though is Devondra from Silverglen. She was very fun to write and I could see her with sharp clarity in my mind.

Evelina: If you could drop into any fantasy world (television, movies, books, games) for a visit, where would you go? And why?

This is an interesting question because I feel that most fantasy worlds are actually very dark places to be. But assuming no impending wars or serious societal issues, I would adore living in the Shire from Lord of the Rings. I love the down-to-earth living and close-knit families. Plus, if I ever got bored, there are so many amazing places to explore!

Evelina: That's such an insightful answer, especially after the recent dystopian trend. Even the romances can be scary! How many unpublished and half-finished books do you have?

E.A.: I’m so glad you asked this question because what I wrote before I published is just as important to me (from a writing development standpoint) as what I have published. I have one completed (utterly terrible) novel, plus two (also horrible) half-finished novels. They’ve all been fantasy, of course! I do have a short story that hasn’t been published, which received an honorable mention in the Writers of the Future contest.

Evelina: Last but least, tell us about your new book!!

YA Author Interview - E.A. Burnett - Isle of Wings

E.A.: My newest release, Isle of Wings, is a companion novel to my debut (Silverglen). The story is told by two love interests who struggle to keep a stolen creature (a giant raptor known as the Ikari) hidden from a powerful sorceress. Roana, one of the protagonists, is suffering from the recent loss of her family, and this affects the way in which she deals with her emerging weather-controlling powers. Iniko, the second protagonist, supports Roana while attempting to recover his lost memories of a recent shipwreck. He also grapples with his morally ambiguous ability to influence other’s minds.

Check out Silverglen & Isle of Wings!

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Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Are you looking for (young adult) YA fantasy writing prompts? You found them! Here you'll find teenagers called to extraordinary tasks and places. Grab a pen, and let's get started.

YA Fantasy Writing Prompts

What is YA fantasy?

YA fantasy, or young adult fantasy, is a very popular subgenre. You may be surprised to learn that the majority of the readership is actually in their 20s and 30s. However, the books themselves are generally aimed at teenage audiences and should be relatable and appropriate for this age group.

Given the above, there's a lot of discussion about what makes a story "young adult." Here are a few of the most common answers:

  1. While not strictly required, most YA protagonists fall between the ages of 13 - 18 years of age.

  2. Themes are relatable to teenagers-- finding your identity, struggling with school and peer relationships, first loves and kisses, understanding your place in the world or even your own family. (See why the young at heart enjoy reading these stories. What a wonderful time in life!)

Take those protagonists and themes and set them on the background of fantastic worlds and with larger than life villains! Now, you can see what makes YA Fantasy so special. (I'm biased. I'm a YA author.) Here are some big name young adult fantasy novels for inspiration: Harry Potter, Eragon, and Twilight.

Getting Started

Are you ready to dive in? Scroll through the YA fantasy plot ideas below and choose the one you like best. Set a timer for 15 to 20 minutes, and start writing!

When you're done, you can share your work in the comments below. Our friendly, encouraging community would love to read them!

YA Fantasy Writing Prompt #1

Three Things Challenge

Write a story that includes these three things.

A locket. A quarterback. A rift in time.

YA Fantasy Writing Prompt #2

Stupid Fairy Tales

“I never believed any of this could exist."

“Then, why did you read all those stupid fairy tales?”

“Because I loved them.”

YA Fantasy Writing Prompt #3


For the first time in twenty years, the grimoire has been opened. A dark, poisonous smoke pours from its page. You hurry to shut the book, but it's too late. Something has awakened.

YA Fantasy Writing Prompt #4

The Talking Dead

You can't ignore the dead when they talk to you. Believe me. I tried.

YA Fantasy Writing Prompt #5

Dragon Pairing

A limited number of dragons are born each year. Only the most skilled riders are paired. Your father was a legend. You on the other hand are clumsy, awkward, and wield no fire magic of your own.

YA Fantasy Writing Prompt #6

The Missing Object

A prized object has magically appeared among your things. What is it, and who is looking for it?

Want more fantasy story prompts?

If you enjoyed these YA fantasy plot ideas, try 365 Awesome Story Prompts! You'll find 50+ more fantasy prompts, setting and character inspiration lists, and tips for getting unstuck. If you prefer a print version with space to write notes and brainstorm, try 365 Awesome Story Prompts: Journal Edition.

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Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Searching for urban fantasy writing prompts? You found them! Skyscrapers, mass transit, hot night clubs, and the magical world combine.

urban fantasy writing prompts

What is urban fantasy?

Urban fantasy is a rapidly growing subgenre with stories set in, you got it, big cities! Urban fantasy blends the magical world with the non-magical world. Here are some big name urban fantasy novels for inspiration: City of Bones, Moon Called, and Magic Bites.

Getting Started

Writing prompts are a great way to brainstorm new story ideas. Just sit down, read through these, and let your pencil fly! Start a new story today.

Give these urban fantasy story prompts a shot! When you're done, be sure to share your ideas and short fiction in the comments below. Our welcoming, friendly community would love to read them!

Urban Fantasy Writing Prompt #1

Do Not Walk These Dark Streets

The city is teeming with a coven of dark vampires who rules the night. It is no longer safe for citizens to leave their homes after sunset. A visitor takes a midnight stroll.

Urban Fantasy Writing Prompt #2

Don't Jump

On the edge of a skyscraper, a man stands still. The wind blows a tendril of hair in his face.

“Don’t jump.” EMS calls out from several paces away. “Stay right where you are.”

The man winks and lets himself fall backward over the building.

Urban Fantasy Writing Prompt #3

Three Things

Write a story that includes these three things: a dirty night club, a strobing light, and a grimoire.

Urban Fantasy Writing Prompt #4

An Inconvenience at the Convenience Store

When the millionth evil deed has been committed, the gods will return to seek their vengeance. You just stole a pack of gum from your local convenience store.

Urban Fantasy Writing Prompt #5

A Dragon in the City

Dragons are forged of fire and long forgotten in the age of skyscrapers and hedge fund dreams. Until a small kitchen fire collides with what Jack thought was a paperweight. Can he hide a dragon in New York City?

Looking for more fantasy story prompts?

If you enjoyed these urban story prompts, try 365 Awesome Story Prompts! You'll find 50+ more fantasy prompts, setting and character inspiration lists, and tips for getting unstuck. If you prefer a print version with space to jot ideas and flash fiction, try 365 Awesome Story Prompts: Journal Edition.

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